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Secured and Vigorous Banking & Finance Masterpieces

Secured and Vigorous Banking & Finance Masterpieces

If there’s one aspect Banks & Financial institutions aspire to achieve the most after security, it’s - Simplicity. A healthy system can eliminate hindering & time-consuming aspects and turn a needlessly complicated process into a smooth & quick one. Our Technocrats optimize the whole system in terms of better stability, speed, and security. That way, your customers remember and savor the experience they had with your banking mobile application..

To cope up with the speed your potential customers want to get things done today and, to stay ahead of your competition, your finance organization needs to adapt with a solution that appears comparatively better, more convenient, and faster to them. We analyze what issues your clients are facing and take measures and generate a technologically advanced solution. The solutions we develop are often future-ready. That means, they save you from spending a huge sum of money every now then for upgradation.

Our scintillating portfolio says it all - over the course of the past few years, the cluster of our satisfied banking clients have grown from a mere number 5 to a stunning thirty. We are now working in introducing and incorporating next-generation technologies such as chatbots, AI, and business intelligence in our banking service offerings to make it a cakewalk for our clients to understand, make decisions, and serve account holders better

Advantages of SVAP Banking IT Solution Development

We Observe Persisting Challenges in the Banking Industry and Tackle them with Efficiency

Core Banking

To increase the productivity and manual workforce we personalize the portal in a kind where we can witness the productivity and efficiency. To keep up with the fast-changing methodologies of the work environment of financial institutions.

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Banking Website

Banking requires a lot of customer care, we make sure to provide the best services in the easiest possible way for users to face no issues in using the services. We ensure the development of the latest functions and features for the smooth functioning of banking experience.

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Banking Mobile Apps

The developed mobile apps are more of a small outlet of the banking services in your device. There is no need to physically be at the outlet and do the bill payments, transactions, and inquire payment history. You can access all the services just a few clicks away.

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eWallet App Development

We build with the technologies which have a profound style in serving its customer with the e-wallet services. Be it android or iOS we have customized apps for both the platforms. We make sure the transactions are as quick as possible. The speed makes customers have an impressive experience, which makes them be constant in their support.

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Credit Possessing Solution

For financial institutes like banks require automated credit processing, this automatically reduces errors and channelize the process for the smooth working of it. It keeps the tracking of the loans updated which is a necessity. The smart technologies developed in the process of the building of the application increases efficiency in the operations.

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Loan Management System

We design the system to manage the loans accurately for streamlining the process efficiently. The process includes tracking, disbursement amortization, loan origination and many others to improve productivity.

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ATM Software Development

SVAP Infotech provides ATM development software for the national as well as international usage. There is a list which is included in the in-building process of software like software and hardware integration, custom software, managing the networking of all the ATM systems.

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ACH Payment Processing

Automated Clearing House is a time-saving process incorporated in automatic fun deductions. It is one alternate help solution provided for the e-Commerce business used for the alternate payment solutions.

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Check 21 software

The integration of advanced OCR and MICR makes the whole process a success without any errors, fast, effortless and secured. We are provided with the right technologies and boost complete e-payment. This is essential to streamline the check -processing.

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Finance Management Software

The integration of advanced OCR and MICR makes the whole process a success without any errors, fast, effortless and secured. We are provided with the right technologies and boost complete e-payment. This is essential to streamline the check -processing.

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Insurance Management Portal

Complete personalized finance management is developed for our clients including portfolio management, tax management, planning and finance tracking including a lot more. It is an end to end software development providing all the essential necessities

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Data Management

SVAP Infotech promises to provide the banking and financial institutes with a secure data management storage. The data is valuable and we ensure to make it safe and protected with our consistent BI integration. We take care of the sensitive data with stand-alone software in a highly secure environment.

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