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How We Develop GroceryDelivery Mobile App?

Ingredients to building a ground-breaking online grocery delivery app

Nobody likes to waste time standing in lines at the billing counter at grocery stores. With growing technology, smarter solutions are emerging and online grocery delivery mobile application is one of them. Today’s fast paced life and tight schedules make people explore better solutions. On weekends rather than going for a grocery shopping, they’d like to spend time with their families and relax on a padded couch, while their groceries get delivered to the doorsteps.

Grocery delivery mobile app solution is gaining momentum, attracting fresh investments from angel investors and changing the way people shop groceries. The USD 6 billion sales of online grocery in 2012 is estimated to go as high to up to USD 29.7 billion in 2021 in the US. Last year, it was USD 17.5 billion.

As per CNBC research, online grocery sales will take up the 20% of market by 2025. With more and more users showing interest in buying groceries through a mobile application, it is estimated that by the end of this year, there will be more than 50% grocery-buying mobile users as compared to the ones who shop groceries online the last year.

Clearly, the trend is rising and it’s only a matter of time when it will become the mainstream. It is probably the best time to enter the grocery delivery mobile app business with all guns blazing. Do not worry if you possess zero technical knowledge. Hire a competent mobile app development agency to transform your ideas into reality.


How Things Work In GroceryDelivery App?

Viewing it from different perspectives

Primarily, there are three participants, buyer, vendor and admin. While the buyer places an order through the app, the vendor acknowledges and delivers it. The role of the admin here is to manage everything, from app’s operation to payment processing. Admin can also be referred to the grocery delivery app owner who is responsible for getting vendors onboard, marketing of the app, acquiring new customers and plenty more things.


How Does Grocery App Make Money?

Revenue models followed by online grocery store owners


Blueprint of a success plan



Aesthetically-sound user interface

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Who Are The Industry Leaders?

Founded: 2014

Founders: Bill Smith


reycroft Partners, and Harbert Growth Partners

Funding: $60M

Founded: 1999

Founders: Joe Fedele, Jason Ackerman


No Investor

Funding: $297.3M

Redefining App Design

Changing the way you look at an app

Must-Have Features In Online Grocery App

Everything from the end user, admin and delivery perspective

  • Product Catalogue

    It is the section where all your products will be listed category-wise, not without the essential details like title, price, image, description and more.

  • Order Management

    This allows users to review their past orders and repeat the same order again with just one click.

  • Payment Options

    Ensure you give different options to your users to pay conveniently and in the most secure manner possible.

  • Search Option

    It is the section where all your products will be listed category-wise, not without the essential details like title, price, image, description and more.

  • Real-time Tracking

    It enables users to know the status of their order and track it until the final delivery.

  • Feedback

    This allows users to share their shopping experience with the rest of the community.

  • User Profile

    You can ask users to create a profile by entering a few basic details like name, phone, address and preferred mode of payment. Profile creation can be done via an email or through a social network. The latter is preferred most of the times by users because it’s way quicker and easy.

  • Preferred Delivery Time

    This allows users to select a time range in which they want their order to reach them. This makes convenient for both, receiver as well as the delivery boy as it diminishes the chances of a failed delivery due to receiver’s absence at the mentioned address.

  • Deals Section

    This can be the most popular section of your app where users can find enticing discounts on different products. Post ‘deal of the day’ to get new customers and to retain the existing ones.

  • Dashboard

    The Administrator dashboard holds the responsibility of being user friendly. The features and characteristics have to be defined well for better site management of the app. It requires the uploading and managing of the wide range of product items providing the details of color, size, price, weight, and more.

  • Stock Management

    Screening of the stock changes and have the automatic notification as there are possibilities of stock level going below the specified confines to pre-order stocks.

  • Customer management

    The panel is liable to create various customer profiles in various groups, for example, the registered and guest customers, coupons, view and manage wish list.

  • New delivery notification

    The riders/drivers can be notified whenever a new order is received, with details like order number, customer name, phone, delivery address and more.

  • Delivery acknowledgement

    Once a notification is sent to the driver/rider, he then acknowledges by either accepting or rejecting the delivery request. The nearest driver/rider to the destination is contacted first.

  • Delivery status

    This allows the delivery boy to update the status of order delivery to success, failed or in-progress.

  • GPS tracking

    Driver can manoeuvre through the traffic with the help of in-built GPS with the shortest and the least time-consuming route to the desired location.

  • In-app calling

    This feature enables the delivery boy to contact the consumer directly through the app.

Technology Stack We Use To Develop

Why To Team Up With SVAP Infotech

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  • We bring creativity, modernity and experience to the table, thanks to our rich pool of vastly experienced mobile application designer and developers.
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  • We build applications that comply with the Apple App Store and Google Play Store guidelines.
  • Our tech-savvy professionals make sure that the app functions as intended, while our quality analysts look into every tiny detail for absolute validation.
  • We assist you in-app approval and deployment on the app stores.
  • Most importantly, you don’t need to dig deep in your pocket if you partner with us.
  • We offer free consultation too.


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